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I create a custom-made experience, not just a private yoga session. When you come to my home studio, you will be surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, revealing sky and breathtaking views of the Hudson River. You will partake in a healing, joyous, 75 minutes that will leave you feeling refreshed, centered and strong. I incorporate incense, essential oils, candles, hands on assists, uplifting music.  

See yourself and the world with new eyes. 

I incorporate the principles of therapeutic yoga, using yogic techniques to address specific problems you may be struggling with physically, emotionally and spiritually. We discuss exactly what your personal goals are and then create a program for you based on your specific needs.  

If you buy a 10-class pack, your 11th session will always be free.

*Before you arrive at your scheduled session, you must scan or bring: Yoga Waiver.

All sessions must be cancelled within 24 hours by email.




If you need to change after work, please use the bathroom in the lobby.

Individual Yoga Session

I teach Restorative, Yin, Athletic, Vinyasa Flow, Chair yoga. Once you let me know what your goals, history and injuries are, I guide you to what you need in the session, sometimes mixing different styles.

Doubles Yoga Session

This experience is wonderful to share quality time with another person. You will breathe, stretch, laugh and meditate together. Great for couples who want to feel more connection, best friends who want to celebrate love and presence, a child and parent to increase bonding. 

Family Yoga Session

This hour is meant for you to feel closer as a family! You will laugh, stand on one leg, stretch each other and have moments of calm and peace, as well as fun and joy. I teach a flow class, breaking down postures, and make sure to leave time for some quiet at the end, so you can simply feel each other’s presence. This is lovely for someone’s birthday, as I often get requests.

Yoga Session At Your Office

So often at work, long hours sitting, combined with repetitive wrist motions at the computer and stressful deadlines, can make the body feel tired and irritated. A group yoga class, bringing all of your colleagues together either in-person or virtually, is a great way to bond, boost morale, good health, energy, vitality and wisdom. Bringing oxygen to the brain allows you to see things freshly and come back to your tasks with new ideas and enthusiasm. (See my client roster on my home page). 

Therapeutic Yoga Session ( Zoom Only)

Mudras are powerful hand gestures that allow you to evoke different physiological and emotional responses. "Mudra"is a Sanskrit term that literally means “mark” or “gesture.”


Mudras have been used for thousands of years! Used with breath, you can induce different states of being.  You can use them to calm down, get more energy, heal insomnia, manifest, let go, whatever you intend. We start with a 5 minute check in to see what you want to feel. Perhaps there is an event you are working towards in your life, you getting married, having a child, leaving a job, leaving a relationship, starting a relationship, dealing with chronic anxiety or insomnia, chronic health issues, or just want to feel more balanced and confident.


First, we check in what you want to manifest, let go of, feel. Based on your answers, I will give you breathing exercises (pranayama) specifically for you. Pranayama (breath) is the most powerful tool in attaining what we want in life. Deep, correct breathing leads to a clear and detached mind. It's a life changer. 


Next, I will teach you a Mudra that you will hold this, along with the same breathing or maybe a different breathing series. I will then give you visualizations and a mantra to repeat in your mind silently. We will change the way you see yourself through this work.


Lastly, I will guide you into meditation so you will leave your session feeling grounded, clear and aligned. I teach you to watch your mind.  Great to do anywhere  -- your office, home, the road.

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