Corporate Group Yoga Class in the Office: 10-Class Pack

Corporate Group Yoga Class in the Office: 10-Class Pack


Offer your employees the unique benefit of yoga in the workplace and help promote a stress-free office!

The Benefits

Increases employee productivity and focus.
Strengthens immune system and decrease employee absences. Improves employee job satisfaction.
Eases physical pain resulting from sedentary work.
Stimulates teamwork and communication among coworkers

The Experience

Incorporate stretch, breathing & meditation techniques for meetings, trainings and conferences. Whether in your office chair or away from your desk; you decide.

Morning LaunchStart fresh and energize your body for peak performance.

Lunchtime or After Hours Rejuvenate: Leave your desk and renew your mind over lunch break or finish the day with a practice that relieves stress and clears your mind.

Pricing: 45-minute classes are priced at $175. Discounts available for 6 week packages and full day events.

“I have been teaching yoga for almost a decade and I love helping people find rejuvenation in all environments. Having worked a desk job for years, it was not until I started incorporating yoga in my daily life that I felt energized and revitalized at work. The body needs breaks. It’s only when we step away and shift perspective that the ideas come, the answers surface, and energy increases.”

- Rachel

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