"As a performer and artist, I need to be in touch with my inner being so that I can channel my art as purely as I can. I have been taking from Rachel both privately and in group classes for a few years and she is the only teacher that truly gets and adapts the practice to my individual needs. Her knowledge is immense. " - Marco Palou

"Rachel has always been my yoga touchstone. She is my favorite teacher and is known for her sparkling personality, knowledge of yoga and the body, enthusiasm and caring. Her corrections are spot on, helpful and accurate. I have always felt my physical well being and happiness was important to her. I love taking her classes and look forward to each one!”- Amitabh Jordan, Meditation instructor and Therapist

“This is better than therapy!”- Frances Lachowicz, Director, User Experience.

“It’s amazing. Literally, NO thoughts can enter my mind. Just yoga. - Jason Carson, Musician

“Rachel Bennett has a special gift. I have taken Yoga for many years from a variety of instructors and after my first class with Rachel I felt more peaceful, aligned and toned than I have ever felt!. Rachel’s gentle voice coupled with her detailed and nurturing instruction takes you to a place of trust, serenity and freedom. As an artist herself, Rachel offers a unique connection for those in the creative arts that not only frees but inspires! I am hooked! - Cheryl Stern Actress/Writer/Coach

“I come because of her voice. When she sings at the end I want to weep.” - Anna Aster, weekly student

“I’ve gotten so much out of taking yoga every week with Rachel Bennett. My strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility have improved since starting her classes, but the real gifts with Rachel go much deeper than that. I’ve stopped hating my body and have learned to see it as a wonderfully adaptable ally. I’ve overcome my fear of fitness classes and have found a form of exercise I truly enjoy. I’ve learned gratitude – for my breath, for my ability to move, and for the time and attention I’m able to give myself by taking Rachel’s class.- Emily Rems, Managing Editor, BUST Magazine

“As someone who is new to Yoga, it was wonderful having a teacher like Rachel. She explains things clearly, and creates a comfortable and welcoming environment. I left the class feeling rejuvenated and with a deeper understanding of the practice.”- Natalia Leite, Filmmaker

“ Rachel Bennett brings a unique mix of physical intelligence, compassion and joy to her yoga classes. I have seen her inspire the most unlikely yogis, male inner-city teens, to discover new possibilities within themselves through her challenging, invigorating and inspiring teaching.” - Brittney Jensen, Dancer and Writer

“A few years ago, when I decided that I wanted to start practicing yoga, I had the incredible fortune of working one-on-one with Rachel Bennett to learn the basics. I could never have known at the time how invaluable these decisions – both private lessons and working with Rachel – would be! I was unsure about my potential, as I had not exercised regularly in years and have always been hopelessly inflexible. But from the very beginning, Rachel was all optimism and encouragement. She did not see the same limitations I saw in myself, and as a result I felt empowered and uninhibited to try things that might have otherwise seemed too daunting. One of the most useful things Rachel did was to take the time to show me proper alignment for each pose we learned – and then take it to another level by explaining the connections between the outward physical stance and the inward physical/mental focus. I am supremely grateful for this knowledge, agenda. I really appreciated her gentle adjustments and attention to my particular needs – she was always modifying our lessons to what was going on with me on any particular day, Rachel is an absolutely delightful human being – gracious and sweet and unbelievably kind. I would be happy to speak personally, as a reference, with anyone who is considering becoming her pupil!” -Laura Boiling, Actress and mother

“Rachel is a gifted and intuitive yoga teacher. She always seems to know exactly what adjustments you need to open up your body and practice. I always feel inspired and rejuvenated after working with her.” - Sarah Louise Lilly, Actress, Producer, Mother

“Yoga classes with Rachel are the highlight of my week. She comes to each class with a thoughtful, personalized plan and then intuitively adjusts to what my body and mind need that day. I started working with Rachel as a new mom and have since had a second baby. Rachel has supported me through these transitions by helping me trust my body and stay physically and spiritually connected to my true self. Rachel brings warmth, joy, and deep knowledge of yoga to her teaching.”